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PEARC18: Science Gateway-Related Presentations

If you're going to PEARC18 (July 22-26, 2018), you'll have plenty of opportunities to engage with SGCI staff, partners, clients, and others working on science gateways. Here's a list of all science gateway-presentations to make the hunt easier for you. Please refer to the PEARC18 schedule for the most up-to-date details, including where presentations are located.

We're also hosting a Hackathon in conjunction with PEARC18 for both undergraduate and graduate students, July 26-27. Registration is open!

Presentations by SGCI Staff

Tuesday, July 24

  • Introduction to Science Gateways for New Users half-day tutorial (1:30-5:00)
  • Establishing paradigms for modifying and developing the Workforce Development section of the Science Gateways Community Institute Site (3:30-5:00)

Wednesday, July 25

  • The Science Gateways Community Institute at two years: early successes and lessons learned (3:30-5:00 as part of the Science Gateways track, which we've listed a complete listing of below)
  • Science Gateways and You BoF (5:00-6:00)

SGCI-Related Posters (Poster Sessions are both Tuesday, July 24 & Wednesday, July 25)

  • A New Science Gateway to Provide Decision Support on Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies 
  • Structure Bioinformatics Gateway with Airavata 
  • Science Gateway Implementation at the University of South Dakota: Applications in Research and Education 
  • Supporting Science Gateways Using Apache Airavata and SciGaP Services
  • Using a Science Gateway to Deliver SimVascular Software as a Service for Classroom Instruction
  • PHASTA Science Gateway for High Performance Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Simplifying Access to Campus Resources at Southern Illinois University with a Science Gateway

Presentations in the Science Gateways Track (Wednesday, July 25, 3:30-5:00, Kings Garden 2)

  • A Cloud-Based Scientific Gateway for Internet of Things Data Analytics  
  • The Neuroscience Gateway – Enabling Large Scale Modeling and Data Processing in Neuroscience 
  • Building an XSEDE Gateway for processing and modeling sequencing data via Apache Airavata 
  • The Science Gateways Community Institute at two years: early successes and lessons learned 
  • GISandbox: A Science Gateway for Geospatial Computing (SGCI client) 
  • Introducing Research Concepts to Middle School Students via a Geospatial Science Gateway 

Other Presentations and Posters Related to Science Gateways:

  • Advanced Globus Platform Development: Automating Workflows and Building Science Gateways (SGCI partner) 
  • Deploying Jupyter Notebooks at scale on XSEDE resources for Science Gateways and workshops 
  • Building Science Gateway Infrastructure in the Middle of the Pacific and Beyond: Experiences using the Agave Deployer and Agave Platform to build science gateways 
  • Poster: The ‘Ike Water Gateway - Current State (SGCI Bootcamp Participant)