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XSEDE Webinar Dec. 12, 2019: Data Visualization With Python Using Jupyter Notebooks

XSEDE Webinar: Data Visualization With Python Using Jupyter Notebooks
Date and Time: Thursday, December 12, 11:00am to 12:00pm PST.

Python is rapidly becoming the programming language of choice for scientific research, and Jupyter Notebooks provide a user-friendly way of writing and running python code and of teaching and learning how to program. Visual analytics is playing an increasingly important role in data science by allowing researchers to explore massive amounts of data for patterns which may not be obvious using other methods.

In this webinar, we will briefly review data visualization principles and practices and jump into a series of data visualization examples using Python libraries including pandas, matplotlib, bokeh, seaborn, and networkx. Special focus will be given to running code on XSEDE systems.

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