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AIDR 2020 Symposium -- October 19

AIDR 2020 Symposium

October 19, 2020, 2020 | Online


In conjunction with Open Science Symposium, October 20, 2020

  • Meet world leaders in AI, scientific computing, and data management
  • Join the conversation on harnessing the power of AI for data discovery and reuse
  • Connect innovations in AI with research data management

AIDR (Artificial Intelligence for Data Discovery and Reuse) aims to find innovative solutions to accelerate the dissemination and reuse of scientific data in the data revolution. The explosion in the volume of scientific data has made it increasingly challenging to find data scattered across various platforms. At the same time, increasing numbers of new data formats, greater data complexity, lack of consistent data standards across disciplines, metadata or links between data and publications makes it even more challenging to evaluate data quality, reproduce results, and reuse data for new discoveries. Last year, supported by the NSF scientific data reuse initiative, the inaugural AIDR 2019 attracted AI/ML researchers, data professionals, and scientists from biomedicine, technology industry, high performance computing, astronomy, seismology, library and information science, archaeology, and more, to share innovative AI tools, algorithms and applications to make data more discoverable and reusable, and to discuss mutual challenges in data sharing and reuse.

This year, we are following up with a one-day, virtual AIDR Symposium, that provides a place for the community to continue having these conversations and work together to build a healthy data ecosystem. The program will feature invited speakers and panel discussions from a variety of disciplines, including a focused session on COVID-19 data. Audience are highly encouraged to join the conversation by submitting a poster, joining the panel discussions and social hours, chatting on Slack, and participating in collaborative note-taking.  

To learn more about AIDR, see last year's speakers and program on AIDR 2019 website;  selected slides and posters published as AIDR Collection @ F1000Research; and selected papers published post-conference at ACM Digital Library: AIDR '19 Proceedings - ACM ICPS.