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SGCI Client CERA Uses Frontera Supercomputer for Storm Surge Forecasts

Hurricane season is behind us now, but the important work of tracking storm surge forecasts continues.

Results of storm simulations generated by several supercomputers, including Frontera at the Texas Advanced Computing Center, are fed to CERA (Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment), an interactive web mapper, where they are then converted into a visual map and annotated with useful information. This can be, for instance, real-time tide and river gauge data to show how forecasts relate to conditions on the ground.

The CERA site is a key source of guidance for emergency managers and decision-makers from Texas to Maine. It joins forecasts produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NHC, and others, and helps inform decisions about asset protection, impacts to critical infrastructure including energy, chemical, utility, and transportation, and the placement of supplies or first responders.

CERA was a Focus Week participant and SGCI client.

Learn more about CERA's work in the article, "Frontera on the front lines during record hurricane season."