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SGCI, NCSA, XSEDE to Collaborate on Developing Delta, an NSF-Funded Advanced Computing System

SGCI is proud to be a partner in the development of Delta, a $10 million National Science Foundation-funded advanced computing system. Housed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois and allocatable through XSEDE, Delta will offer a massive amount of GPU computing performance with a focus on science gateways support and improved accessibility for researchers. 

Delta will boast a forward-looking design by leveraging graphics processing units (GPUs) in combination with CPU architectures well-suited for scientific computing. This will make Delta the most performant GPU-based NSF resource and will provide cutting-edge capabilities for researchers. 

As there is growing momentum in the science gateways community to access GPU-based computing systems, SGCI received a sub-award to partner in this project by providing ongoing support and science gateway expertise. The first priority will be to capture feedback from the science gateways community on desired modes of utilizing this unique resource and to identify early adopters. Once Delta is launched in October 2021, SGCI will offer developer and onboarding support to science gateway projects looking to use the supercomputer, as well as creating next-generation gateway capabilities to utilize Delta. 

Read more about Delta in this HPC Wire article and this Inside HPC article.

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