Digital Library Software Engineer at Arizona State University

The Network for Computational Modeling in the Social and Ecological Sciences (, part of the School of Complex Adaptive Systems, has an opening for a junior frontend software engineer to build software tools to support open, transparent, reusable, and interoperable scientific computation for the study of complex social and natural systems. This entry-level position will help the successful candidate grow in their ability to build functional, intuitive user interfaces and data visualizations as well as robust, scalable, backend web services. As part of the ASU College of Global Futures, our mission is to improve the ways we can understand and collectively navigate our increasingly complex world. We build software tools that foster community engagement and facilitate best practices for a growing international community of scientists across all disciplines, helping them develop and publish FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) research software and computational models for policy and planning, environmental management, resource investment, and hazard preparedness.

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