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PresQT Workshop (Preservation Quality Tool)

PresQT, which will take place May 1-2, 2017 at the McKenna Conference Center, University of Notre Dame, engages stakeholders in a collaborative planning effort to enhance reproducibility and more open sharing of research data and software.

This is the first of two planned PresQT workshops funded by an IMLS National Library Leadership grant to convene user communities and tool providers engaged in data and software preservation to assess needs, look at the successful tools of today, and brainstorm about the data and software preservation tools of the future. What do your users and systems need most to enable better software and data preservation? Better data quality?

The workshop will consist of keynote talks, lightning talks, and breakout sessions. To submit an abstract to give a lightning talk or to lead a breakout session, email & submit a short (maximum 1 page) abstract by April 7, 2017, for session concepts or by April 12, 2017, for lightning talks.

Registration closes on April 23, 2017, but you can register to attend remotely at any time.

Workshop details and registration information can be found here.