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XSEDE ECSS Symposium: Securing Access to Science Gateways with CILogon and Role-Based Access Control

CILogon is a service that allows users to securely access cyberinfrastructure resources by authenticating with their home institutions. Users benefit by not needing to learn a new username and password, and science gateway administrators benefit by not needing to securely manage user passwords.

Apache Airavata is a software framework for building science gateways. Apache Airavata provides abstractions for describing compute and storage resources and the applications that can run on them. Through a web interface, users can launch and monitor applications running on a local cluster, the commercial cloud, or national cyberinfrastructure.

The Apache Airavata project recently integrated support for CILogon into its web portal. In this talk, this integration will be discussed along with the role-based access control authorization system developed for Airavata. Together, CILogon and role-based access control significantly ease the burden on users and administrators of securing access to science gateways.

This webinar will also include a presentation by Mitchel Horton, “Statistical Analysis for Partially-Observed Markov Processes with Marked Point Process Observation.” Full abstracts and information on how to join the online symposium can be found on the XSEDE Extended Collaborative Support (ECSS) page.