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Congratulations to the Cloudify Gateways 2020 Awardees

By Claire Stirm


During the welcome session of the annual Gateways 2020 conference, the Cloudify Gateways 2020 awards were announced. This is the second year when the SGCI, CloudyCluster, and Google Cloud Platform teams have come together to offer time and cloud computational resources to science gateways with a compelling cloud-based project. This year, four teams were awarded: 


Exosphere - A tool for provisioning computation
Julian Pistorius

Machine Learning Research and Education on Neuroscience Data by connecting Google Cloud and
Vittorio Iacovella, Uri Hasson, Carlo Miniussi, Paolo Avesani, and Franco Pestilli    

Tapis Powered Science Gateways Scaling On-Demand With Google Cloud Platform and CloudyCluster
Sean Cleveland, Mahdi Belcaid, and Joe Stubbs

The Microbial Genomes Atlas (MiGA) in CloudyCluster
Luis Miguel and Konstantinos T.


You can watch a short presentation and hear about the four projects that will be working with the SGCI, CloudyCluster, and Google Cloud Platform teams over the next year.


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