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Gateways 2020 Preview - Upcoming Keynotes: Championing Science and Github's Archive Program

By: Claire Stirm

We are looking forward to the start of Gateways 2020! Starting October 12 and going to October 23, the tutorial and workshop track will take place the first week and the main conference track during the second week. 

The conference features two interactive keynotes. Dr. Roger Aines and Amy Aines, authors of Championing Science, will share crucial advice for championing your gateway to users and funders. Thomas Dohmke, VP of Strategic Programs at GitHub, will speak about GitHub's fascinating — and literally “cool” — Archive Program. 

Championing Science with Dr. Roger Aines and Amy Aines

Tuesday, October 20, 1-2 pm ET / 10 - 11 am PT

What does it take to convince a funder or a user of the value of your gateway? Co-authors Dr. Roger Aines and Amy Aines will shed light on how to tailor your communication to overcome barriers to adoption. Bringing their combined perspective and insights from her four decades as a communications strategist and his as a geochemist and climate technologist, the Aines duo will illuminate the theory and practice of situational communication and why it takes more than the right words to influence others to act. During this keynote interview, they will share practical advice based on 11 principles from their instructive book Championing Science – Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers.


Github’s Archive Program with Dr. Thomas Dohmke

Friday, October 23, 1-2 pm ET / 10 - 11 am PT

The GitHub Archive Program has the goal of preserving open source software for future generations, storing code safely in an Arctic vault. This amplifies the meaning of "code preservation" to a new level. In this closing interactive keynote, we will learn from Thomas Dohmke, VP of Strategic Programs at GitHub, about the Archive Program and explore what this fascinating program might imply for the future responsibilities and opportunities of gateways.


This fifth annual Gateways conference is an opportunity for gateway creators and enthusiasts to learn, share, connect, and shape the future of gateways, while supporting and growing our community. View more of the upcoming program at Gateways 2020 - Program.