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People of SGCI: Nancy Maron

Nancy Maron

Incubator Consultant
Founder, BlueSky to BluePrint

What is your role within SGCI and what do you do?

I joined the team as a consultant to support the Incubator. I’ve helped to develop the week-long, intensive Science Gateways Bootcamp program, and I am one of its instructors. In addition, I offer business consulting services as part of the Incubator. I love working with creative people who have a terrific idea or even a well-developed Gateway and figuring out ways they can extend and support its value for the long-term.

How did you come to be a part of SGCI, and why were you intrigued by the opportunity?

When I was at the not-for-profit Ithaka S+R, I spent a good deal of time researching best practices for sustaining digital projects, in all disciplines, and in particular the funding models that can support them. My colleagues and I created a course called “sustaining digital resources” and through that program, came to meet several wonderful Gateways directors.

At first, I’ll admit, I wondered if research scientists and programmers would have the same needs when it comes to sustaining their work, as the humanists and librarians I often work with. And they do! It was enlightening to realize that regardless of academic discipline, most people can use a hand with thinking hard about who their audience is, and how to build something really valuable for them.

How else are you involved in the technology or gateway community?

Well, that depends on how broadly we define “Gateway Community,”  and I’d like to think it is very broad! I work with project leaders of digital initiatives all the time, in many disciplines, all of whom are seeking ways to widely share either tools, content, or services with their fellow researchers, students or even the general public. My work helps them to refine their understanding of the scope and needs of their audience, how to position their offering in the broader landscape, or even how to develop a funding strategy to support it.

What do you most like to do in your free time?

Watching movies with my kids, being outdoors whenever possible, and listening to and playing music. I play alto saxophone, classical and jazz.

If you were a superhero, what superpower would you have?

I actually think we mortals are probably more powerful than we realize, if we really set our minds to something… But since you’re asking, I wouldn’t mind being able to slow down time. Not in a wacky slo-mo kind of way, but just so that we could all savor the present a little more.