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CSCCE offers Community Manager Certification Program

The program builds upon CSCCE’s foundational Scientific Community Engagement Fundamentals (CEF) course to create a longer-form, multi-component, online program for STEM community managers. The program will equip community managers and their organizations with necessary skills and frameworks to ground their work in a community-centric leadership approach – and to signal those qualifications to others. 

Why certification?

Community management in STEM is an emerging career path, with new roles being created with increasing frequency. Many community managers start out with little to no training, and are expected to learn on the job. This can lead to burnout, unmet expectations, and a general failure to realize the full potential of community efforts. There is a need for community managers to develop additional skills and expertise – and to be able to demonstrate their qualifications in a shared currency that’s valued across the STEM ecosystem. The new certification program is intended to meet these needs, further professionalizing the role of the community manager in STEM.

Learn more at or join their informational session on January 12, 2023.

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