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Funding for Faculty & Students to build careers in HPC, computational and data science

Application Deadline: Fri, Oct 14 2022



Sustainable Research Pathways (SRP) is a comprehensive workforce development program designed to connect students and faculty working with underrepresented groups* with U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratory scientists to encourage lasting collaborations, jump start careers, and build inclusive workplace environments.


SRP began in 2015 at Berkeley Lab and has fostered over 300 connections between lab scientists and faculty and students from a variety of U.S. colleges and universities. In 2021, SRP expanded through the DOE Exascale Computing Project (ECP), to a multi-lab High-Performance Computing program. Based on last summer’s success, SRP is now a multi-lab program spanning ECP and other computational and data science projects.


* Black or African American, Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders, women, persons with disabilities, first generation scholars, and students from community and smaller colleges and universities