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National Microbiome Data Collaborative Community Conversation – Enabling Shared Ownership of Science Gateways With User-Centered Design

The National Microbiome Data Collaborative (NMDC) Community Conversations invites panelists to discuss topics of broad interest for the microbiome research community. Through NMDC's usability activities, it has been found that most microbiome researchers are new to the concept of user-centered design, hence, this Community Conversation will focus on how a user-centered design approach enables the successful development of science gateways.

Enabling shared ownership of science gateways with user-centered design will be on February 2, 2022, at 11:00 am PT. Register here.

Paul Parsons is SGCI staff an assistant professor at the Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University. He is a researcher and educator in the areas of user experience and human-centered design.

Linda Setchell is a Product Director at Katmai Tech with over 15 years of experience leading teams to develop innovative solutions to challenging problems in Healthcare, Civic Tech, and SAAS. She's passionate about listening to end-users and transforming their insights into products that scale.

Sarah O’Connor is a past SGCI client and is the Operations Manager at NOAA's Coral Reef Information center (CoRIS). She has over 18 years of experience working with staff across scientific domains to document and archive their data to ensure long-term preservation and reuse. Throughout her career, she has engaged with stakeholders to understand their issues with the processes from submission to discovery and has used this feedback as a tool to drive the development of better tools for the community.

Ilya Zaslavsky is a past SGCI client and Director of Spatial Information Systems Laboratory at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California San Diego. His research focuses on distributed information management systems—in particular, on spatial and temporal data integration, geographic information systems, and spatial data analysis.

Meeting registration is available here.