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Register for PEARC21 by July 16

The PEARC21 conference is a reimagined virtual conference where advanced research computing colleagues and peers can share their experiences via a series of online presentations and networking events. Attendees can participate by:

  • Watching live and pre-recorded mixed technical presentations
  • Attending virtual workshops and tutorials hosted from July 19th - 22nd, 2021
  • Attending a virtual poster session and Birds of a Feather where attendees can interact online through the conference platform, Pathable.

Use the PEARC21 conference platform to meet new peers and talk with exhibitors

Students will also have the chance to participate in the Student Program, offering a mentor program and participating as a volunteer to support the online conference.


On behalf of the Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing 2021 (PEARC21) Conference Planning Committee and ACM, we are thrilled to invite the scientific computing community to join us for a lively and robust virtual meeting!

PEARC21 will be a 4-day conference from July 19th-22nd, held online using the Pathable platform. Attendees can view keynote presentations, hear from their peers regarding ground-breaking research, and provide a virtual space to network and build relationships.

Registration will be $100 for attendees and $50 for students. Register by July 16th, 2020.