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Resources, Training, and Events Regarding FAIR Principles

(From August EarthCube ECO News)

FAIR For Research Software Working Group (FAIR4RS WG) is leading the research software community in the crucial step of agreeing on how to apply the FAIR principles to research software. With formal community review of the draft principles now completed, stay tuned for the release of the final FAIR principles for research software. The FAIR4RS WG is now starting to focus on or development of guidelines for implementation of the principles, including identification of use cases. Inputs are welcome on potential use cases and existing FAIR research software guidelines and tools that could be leveraged. Some early adopters have already emerged, including Australian Research Data Commons, ELIXIR, and the Netherlands eScience Center.

Upcoming FAIR4RS WG events include the Workshop on Sustainable Software Sustainability (WoSSS), which will be held October 6-8 (online). This will include a session on applying the FAIR principles to research software.

FAIReScience will be held on September 20 to discuss how FAIR principles are being applied to research software, machine learning, workflows, and executable notebooks. Details are here

A recorded interview on how FAIR4RS engagement is structured to maximize involvement is available as part of the 2021 Collegeville Workshop on Scientific Software: Software Teams.