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SGX3 transforms SGCI into a Center of Excellence

For the past year, the SGCI team has been busy planning new ways in which it can serve the Science Gateways community. This culminated with an award from NSF for a Center of Excellence focused on continuing to assist the Science Gateways community, but also with an emphasis on looking into the future. SGX3 stands for, “extending access, expanding the community, and exemplifying good practices for CI through Science Gateways.”

SGCI helped to formalize many Science Gateway endeavors into a community that crosses traditional domain science boundaries under the unifying vision of Science Gateways: bringing science online in easy to use interfaces and thereby expanding the size of communities that can participate in scientific research and education. While SGX3 will continue some of the consulting and workforce development activities performed by SGCI, it will be quite different with an emphasis on the future.

SGX3 continues to push the Science Gateways community forward with a drive to bring more domain science participants into the science gateways community and encourage new partnerships to be formed. We particularly see these two activities as important for sustaining and growing the excellent impact that Science Gateways can have on broadening participation and speeding scientific discovery.

SGX3 will also have significant effort dedicated to distilling future science gateway technology needs from domain science communities. This will happen through activities known as Blueprint Factories.  Each Blueprint Factory will run for about 18 months and will involve an equal number of cyberinfrastructure specialists and domain scientists chartered to analyze a specific domain or a specific resource provider. During this time, the participants will work to develop a comprehensive needs and pain point analysis in its chartered area, culminating with a blueprint in the form of a white paper outlining the upcoming needs and a technology roadmap necessary to serve the community described in its charter. Initially, Blueprint Factories are planned to focus on PATh, ACCESS, the Materials Genome Initiative, and Science Gateway Sustainability Practices. Additional Blueprint Factories are planned and will be decided as SGX3 moves forward.

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