Software Developer at Open OnDemand

The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) equips students, scientists, engineers and clinicians with more capable, stable and secure computational resources than they could acquire and maintain on their own. OSC's vision is to position Ohio as a world leader in research enabled by high performance computing (HPC), serving as an attractor for the brightest minds and most innovative firms to move to and remain in the state. Learn more about the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

As the technical leader of the OSC Gateways Group, this position develops and supports "science gateways," web-based interfaces for advanced computational resources. The group supports specific gateways for OSC clients and projects and also contributes to the OSC-led open source project Open OnDemand deployed at more than 200 supercomputer centers worldwide.

The gateways team is passionate about contributing to the academic research and education community. We're proud to work on Open OnDemand and help so many researchers and students access software and computational infrastructure at universities and businesses in Ohio and around the world.

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