Use our resources and events to get familiar with science gateways.

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For the Basics

What is a science gateway? Wondering if your idea or project is one?
  • Read more about science gateways on Wikipedia.  We welcome your suggestions and requests for expansion!
  • Our recorded "gateway showcase" webinars feature tours of gateways by the people who make them.
  • Our Gateway Catalog has a searchable list of existing gateways to browse and explore.
  • This 6-minute video summarizes many types of gateways as well as the reasoning behind the Science Gateways Community Institute and its services.

For Learning

Are you a student interested in how gateways might matter to you?

Gateways are the intersection of science and online software. As such, they offer students experience in doing research programming or they can be a tool to take someone's research or learning to new levels.

  • We offer workshops for students to learn about building or using gateways, as well as internships every summer.
  • The Young Professionals Network organizes events and opportunities that support students interested in the use or creation of gateways.
Are you an educator who wants to use gateways in the classroom?
  • Our Gateway Catalog has a searchable list of existing gateways to browse and explore. There are gateways catering to a wide variety of science and engineering topics.
  • If gateways are a topic or tool in your classroom, help us expand our curricula resource so that others can use them for teaching, too.
Want to get connected to the science gateways community of practice?
  • Our webinar series features a rotating schedule featuring gateway showcases, best practices, and relevant technologies.
  • Our annual conference includes research, demos, tutorials, and posters. It also features a Resource Expo for organizations to publicize their gateway-relevant services and technologies.
  • Our blog features posts about lessons learned, interesting topics, and a variety of events.

For Resource Providers (Non-Profit and Commercial)

Want to explore how your technology or services could connect with gateways?
  • After learning more about gateways with our links above, consider whether our Partner Program would be a good way to promote your complementary services to the gateway community.
  • Our annual Gateways conference hosts a Resource Expo as a way to connect with potential users, and sponsorships are a great way to reach this unique audience, too.
  • The Gateway Catalog includes a listing of gateways plus a growing collection of components and platforms that can be repurposed to support gateway functionality. We also invite software and resource providers to join the Affiliates Program to bring greater visibility to what they offer.