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Citizen Science Project "Notes from Nature" Digitizes Millions of Plant Specimens Online

The Notes from Nature project allows citizen scientists to upload photos of specimens and to label them with useful data, which plays an important role in alleviating the bottleneck of specimens that need to be digitized. The project is hosted on the Zooniverse platform, an SGCI Client. Grant Miller, Zooinverse community manager, is a member of the SGCI Steering Committee. Read the article  Citizen Science Project "Notes from Nature" Digitizes Millions of Plant Specimens...

Citizen Scientists on Zooniverse Project "Exoplanet Explorers" Help Find New World

By Nayiri Mullinix "This discovery of a planet in the habitable zone of its star is so exciting for the Zooniverse and our volunteers. It was made possible by the efforts of volunteers on Exoplanet Explorers, the project that has followed on from the success of the original Zooniverse planet-finding project, Planet Hunters." Grant Miller, Zooniverse Community Manager Scientists needed one final piece of evidence to declare K2-288Bb a new planet, and they recently got that...

Zooniverse Project Builder

Zooniverse has launched a free Project Builder for citizen scientists who are looking to create their own crowdsourced research program using the Zooniverse infrastructure. The browser-based interface allows project builders to select from a variety of tools, to upload their content and data, and then export classification results.  Learn more about building a project here .

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