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Resources, Training, and Events Regarding FAIR Principles

(From August EarthCube ECO News) FAIR For Research Software Working Group (FAIR4RS WG) is leading the research software community in the crucial step of agreeing on how to apply the FAIR principles to research software. With formal  community review  of the draft principles now completed, stay tuned for the release of the final FAIR principles for research software. The FAIR4RS WG is now starting to focus on or development of guidelines for implementation of the principles,...

SGCI Client and Focus Week Participant CoMSES.Net Paves Way for FAIR Models

Around this time last year, in May 2020, West Hub affiliate Michael Barton and colleagues published an open letter in  Science  that urged worldwide scientists to share their COVID-19 models and openly publish their code so that it was Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable ( FAIR ). While it’s difficult to prove that this letter stimulated epidemiologists to make their work more transparent, the year 2020 brought more than 56,000 unique visitors to Barton’s social and...

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