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SGCI and RIOS Institute Will Offer Focus Week to Define Paths to Sustainability Centered On Equity and Inclusion

From the blog post, " Sustainability Challenges for Open Resources to promote an Equitable Undergraduate Biology Education (SCORE-UBE) ." Do you lead an organization, project, or professional development related to Open Education or STEM Education in higher ed? Need help improving your broader impacts and sustainability in a way that centers on justice and equity? Are you interested in tools and feedback to better reach your audience and communicate the value of your work? If so, join...

Leading Neuroscientist and Past Focus Week Participant Relies on XSEDE Resources for Platform

As an expert in vision science, neuroinformatics, brain imaging, computational neuroscience, and data science, Franco Pestilli's research has advanced the understanding of human cognition and brain networks over the last 15 years. Pestilli participated in Gateway Focus Week in 2019 to help grow his platform.  Learn about Pestilli and in this recent article from XSEDE .

In Science Node article "Staying ahead of the data tsunami," Joe Yun says Macroscope project wouldn't exist if it weren't for the Focus Week experience

Staying ahead of the data tsunami The Social Media Macroscope helps researchers go with the big data flow Speed read Social media platforms create a lot of data that scientists can use Accessing this information often requires advanced computer science knowledge Social Media Macroscope gateway allows researchers outside of STEM to navigate social media data Scientists spend years studying to become experts in their field—but every once in a while a tidal wave...

Trusted CI Highlights Collaboration With SGCI

Trusted CI and SGCI began collaborating about three years ago. The partnership has developed into two main functions: to provide specialized engagements to gateway developers and operators seeking cybersecurity support, and to present on relevant cybersecurity topics during SGCI Gateway Focus Weeks and related events. Read more about our collaboration in this recent post on Trusted CI's website .

Science Node Article: Need help with your science gateway? SGCI Focus Week teaches best practices for building, operating, and sustaining science gateways

By Nayiri Mullinix Need help with your science gateway? SGCI Focus Week teaches best practices for building, operating, and sustaining science gateways. If you’re conducting technically-advanced science or engineering research, there’s a good chance that you use or will need to use a science gateway. Whether you call it a gateway, hub, virtual research environment, or one of the many other terms used, a gateway is essentially a web-based, streamlined, user-friendly portal that...

SGCI congratulates Bootcamp (now Gateway Focus Week) alumni on their recent $4.5 million NSF award

By Nayiri Mullinix “The Focus Week experience was still fresh in our minds. We applied lessons learned there even during proposal writing – from identifying audiences, clearly connecting activities to goals and outcomes, to developing a sustainability plan. GeoEDF will utilize SGCI consulting services on usability and user-centered design and impact assessment, and leverage the SGCI student internship program.” Carol Song of Purdue University and four co-PIs, including Jack...

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