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Blueprint Factories

A key facet of the SGX3 mission is to provide forward-looking studies of next-generation Science Gateway capabilities.

SGX3 offers a new service called Blueprint Factories, in which we will work with collaborators to better understand the CI needs of entire research communities and national-scale cyberinfrastructure providers. Each Blueprint Factory will run for 18 months, where CI professionals, domain scientists, and major infrastructure operators come together to plan and conduct pain point discovery activities that include surveys and one-on-one interviews. These will be synthesized into practical white papers outlining the discoveries and providing CI blueprints to address the findings. Each Blueprint Factory will have approximately five core CI and customer discovery experts from SGX3 and five domain experts as the main members. The domain experts will provide contacts to leaders in their field, review the team’s progress on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, and help synthesize the results into final Blueprint Factory documents. 

Watch here for announcements regarding our initial Blueprint Factory activities, or apply here if you feel you would like to be part of a Blueprint Factory or wish to suggest a Blueprint Factory topic for the future.