Partner Details: Cirrus AI

Cirrus AI

Cirrus is Africa’s AI initiative bringing together academia and industry for the establishment of a world-class AI research and application capability, to enable a transformation in scientific research and commercialization. Cirrus includes the following:

Cooperation program
Supporting interdisciplinary cooperation spanning academia and industry, boosting the application of AI technologies, and ensuring the transformative potential benefits the region.

State-of-the-art computing infrastructure
Supported by teams of hardware, software, machine learning, and data engineers. Bringing together engineering teams, researchers, computing infrastructure, and extensive scientific instrumentation to enable a step-change in the research efforts of academia and industry in the region.

Open Learning
Ensuring inclusive participation, the dissemination of knowledge and ideas, and the development of the next generation of African AI researchers.

Cirrus FOUNDRY and Cirrus FOUNDRY Fund
To bridge the “Valley of Death” and overcome the challenge of turning a start-up idea or scientific research into a large-scale commercial application.

The SGCI community has access to participate in the Cirrus Consortium through which the use of Cirrus services and resources will be available.