provides a platform for researchers studying plant diversity and has helped undergraduate biology students complete their honors theses examining factors affecting root growth. (Credit: Cowpea Diversity panel by James Burridge at URBC, South Africa, 2013)


SeedMeLab is a branded scientific data management system for your project or lab. It is uniquely geared for research teams struggling with intractable data organization and data access. It was recognized with a 2020 R & D 100 award and is available as Open-Source software and a managed service for internal and external customers from the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UC San Diego.

Key Features

  • Ability to annotate, discuss and search any file
  • Extend metadata on each file
  • Customize data sharing for different roles
  • Add visualization plugins for different filetypes
  • Automate and script data transfer
  • Built-in research/project website (Optional)
  • Full branding, layout and customization options

SeedMeLab in a nutshell (videos)

Sample use cases

  • Data Management Implementation plan for grants
  • Data capable Research Lab and Project websites
  • Data repositories/collaboration hubs
  • Science Gateways

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