Gateways are also known as

  • eScience
  • Citizen Science Projects
  • Virtual Labs
  • eResearch
  • Portals
  • Virtual Research Environments
  • Research Cyberinfrastructure
  • Digital Scholarship

We can help software and website projects get to the next level.

Gateways make science happen. We at the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) optimize the development process, creating a gateway that’s more economical, scalable, and sustainable.

Working with the Science Gateways Community Institute benefits researchers in a multitude of ways. Not only have we supported high funding-success rates, but we can also extend budgets by providing access to skilled consultants, developers, and training opportunities, for a combined value that's potentially worth up to $75K.

That's $75K that can be spent on science instead.

Here’s a small sampling of ways that researchers have leveraged our services, which we offer at no cost or low cost, thanks to funding from the NSF.
  • We have consultants who offer guidance that will fill the inevitable gaps in any team’s expertise. This includes technology advice, business planning, and user engagement. The consulting services that we offer could cost a project anywhere from $2K–$10K, and that’s before indirect costs. One team worked with SGCI user-experience consultants to design new interfaces that would give their users more control. As a result, the users are happier and the staff behind the website spends less time helping users. Ultimately, the changes allowed this team to double their community size quickly and to pave the way for even more growth in the future.

  • Paying a developer is costly, and the money isn’t always in a researcher’s budget. We provide access to skilled software developers who can build or enhance science gateways at 25% FTE for up to a year. One researcher turned to SGCI to integrate essential technologies that got his platform off the ground. That launch was exactly what he needed to secure significant funding to continue to develop and grow the gateway. Find out how the support we gave was essential to getting the project funded.

  • Through Gateway Focus Week, we’re giving researchers just the right amount of business chops needed to develop, operate, and sustain digital scholarship. The week-long workshop could cost $5K per person, but we offer it at no cost to participants. The Focus Week guides teams through exercises that help refine their messages, develop core business strategy skills, and learn long-term sustainability strategies, among other things. Participants of the week-long workshop consistently attest to the value and power of these lessons borrowed from entrepreneurship. This blog post about a recent Focus Week can give you a taste of the lessons learned.

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