Our Affiliates Program gives software and/or resource providers the opportunity to expand their reach by providing assistance to gateway projects.

The objectives of the SGCI Affiliates Program are to:

  • Develop expertise among Affiliates in developing science gateways.
  • Widen the impact of the SGCI.
  • Increase the diversity of expertise available for SGCI projects and SGCI training and outreach activities.
  • Provide enrichment and growth opportunities for Affiliates to enhance their effectiveness and career opportunities.

Through the Affiliates program, individuals and organizations that provide software and/or resources agree to provide free support and assistance to gateway projects that want to use their software or resources. Typically, the software or resource is listed as part of the Gateway Catalog so that community members can see which products are supported by Affiliates. 

This is a great opportunity to give your software components greater visibility, broader use and application, and also provides opportunities to expand your own expertise and experience. 

To see a current list of Affiliates, visit the Gateway Catalog and filter using the "SGCI Affiliate" category.

Interested? Email help@sciencegateways.org for more information on how to become an affiliate.