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What are the evening activities?

The conference is hosting three evening activities (full details available here):

  • Monday, October 23: Dinner at Menlo Innovations (Included in tutorial day registration and full conference registration; no on-site registration)
  • Tuesday, October 24: Poster Session, Resource Expo, and Reception, plus a museum stroll (included in full conference registration or two-day conference registration; optionally available a la carte with Tuesday conference day or alone; no on-site registration)
  • Wednesday, October 25: Optional dinner gathering at Zingerman's Deli (not included in conference registration; attendees pay for their own meal)
What is Open Space?

“Open Space” sessions allow you, as a participant, to determine part of our conversational agenda. “Open Space Technology” was born from the realization that the most exciting, satisfying, useful parts of a conference are often the coffee breaks. The goal of an Open Space Technology (OST; sometimes called an “unconference”) meeting is to create time and space for participants to engage deeply and creatively around issues of concern to them. The agenda is set by the participants and emerges from their individual and collective interests. There is no need to have prior experience with an OST event to participate — just bring your interests and ideas!

We invite you to think about topics that you would like to discuss with your colleagues. It could be a problem you face in your science gateway work, a question you have about gateway technologies, a discovery you’d like to share with others, or an idea that occurs to you during the course of the conference. There will also be a breakout room with a projector, for those who might like to offer a demo or impromptu presentation.

On Tuesday afternoon, we'll collect your ideas to organize "Open Space" conversations. There will be two 25-minute "sets" of concurrent sessions on Wednesday afternoon, plus a lunch "set" on Wednesday. Also, based on your registration ideas, we'll provide a variety of "Open Space" tables during Tuesday lunch. Think of them as mini BoFs!

We’ll be gathering your ideas, placing them into a basic agenda, and letting the conversation go!

I'm presenting during a concurrent session or tutorial. What do I need to know?

We have a special page set up just for you, with details about submitting your final paper and presentation slides, room setups, and more.

Will conference attendees have access to free WiFi?

Yes, free WiFi is available at the main conference hotel (The Sheraton) as well as at the Michigan Union and the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA) where the Tuesday evening reception will take place. While on the campus of the University of Michigan, you can gain free WiFi by using MGuest, which provides basic internet access for university guests. Guests must agree to the university's terms of service. 

I am presenting a poster during the evening reception on Tuesday, will there be a place I can store my poster during the day?

Yes, there will be a designated corner of the Rogel Ballroom where posters can be safely stored. 

I am leaving for the airport right after the conference concludes on Wednesday, October 25. Will there be a place where I can store my suitcase and other belongings during the day?

Yes, the Parker Room, across from the Registration Desk, is available for those who would like to store their luggage, posters, etc. before they depart for the airport.