The "Student Track" is a list of sessions that may be particularly useful to students who are just getting started with gateway development.

The sessions below have been identified as useful because they are good for building skills or for better understanding gateways and their supporting technologies. Demos are often a particularly good way to grow familiar with gateway technologies. Use these recommendations if you are feeling lost or having a difficult time deciding what to attend.

Recommendations for making the most of your conference experience, shared by a veteran gateway builder who teaches and hires new gateway developers:

  • Go to a wide range of talks
  • Use the poster sessions to identify interesting projects and teams (this may mean leaving your own poster to talk to other people)
  • Identify at least 3 projects or research teams that interest you
  • Talk to the presenters of these projects to learn more about the project
  • See which interesting projects could really use a student intern, graduate student, etc.

Further advice:

"Often people get hired based on their social networks rather than their technical skills. Gateways 2017 is a networking opportunity, and students should network as much as possible. We never hire anyone based solely on the technical skills they have on their resume, or even how well they interview."

Consider the sessions listed below to be recommendations from experienced developers, but follow what excites and interests you!

View the Gateways 2017 Student Track.