Logistics Information for Poster Presenters

The Poster Session is open to all who submitted an abstract in August. A final PDF file of your poster should have been uploaded to Figshare by Monday, September 10. If you missed this deadline, you can still upload your poster to figshare (by Friday, October 19), and it will be pulled into the portal in October. Follow these instructions.

The Evening Reception, Poster Session, and Resource Expo will be on Wednesday, September 26 from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm at the Blanton Museum of Art's Edgar A. Smith Building. Details about the reception can be found on the Evening Events page.

During the conference on Wednesday, there will be a place for you to store your poster until the end of the day if you plan to head straight to the Blanton from the conference. If you're using our shuttle service to the reception, you'll have enough time to go back to the hotel after the conference to grab your poster before boarding the 6pm shuttle. Either way, you will need to collect your poster and take it to the Poster Session venue.

Poster presenters may set up their posters when they arrive. There will be binder clips for hanging the posters from the display frames.

Poster locations will be numbered and a map will help you find your location.


“The Brain Image Library: An archival gateway of high-resolution optical microscopy brain datasets”
by Alexander Ropelewski, Jacob Czech, Greg Hood, Arthur Wetzel, Simon Watkins, Alan Watson, Sean Dittrich, Derek Simmel


“A Gateway to Manage Large-Scale and Distributed Genomics Data Identity: The Identifier Services”
by Andrew Magill, James Carson, Maria Esteva and Ramona Walls


“ROTDIF: A GenApp Generated Science Gateway for Comprehensive Analysis of Biomolecular NMR Relaxation Data”
by Yuexi Chen, Alexey Savelyev, Emre Brookes and David Fushman


“10-Week Berkeley Labs Undergraduate Research”
by Edsel Norwood and Shreyas Cholia


“Investigation of Florida Housing Prices using Predictive Time Series Model”
by Hongmei Chi, Temilola Aderibigbe, and Udochi Maduakor


“Sirepo: Domain-Rich Computational Physics Gateway”
by Robert Nagler, Paul Moeller, David Bruhwiler, Maksim Rakitin and Oleg Chubar


“DEEDS: Fully Integrating Data and Computational Workflows”
by Ann Christine Catlin, Connie Weaver, Marisol Sepulveda, Ashraful Alam and Joseph Francisco


“SeedMe2: Extensible data sharing websites for teams”
by Amit Chourasia, David Nadeau, Mona Wong and Michael Norman


“MyGeoHub Geospatial Gateway”
by Rajesh Kalyanam, Lan Zhao and X. Carol Song


“An Analysis of the PEARC 2018 Science Gateways Community Institute Hackathon: Lessons Learned”
by Jeaime Powell, Linda Hayden, Alexander Nolte, Jim Herbsleb, Ei Pa Pa Pe Than, Mona Wong, Rajesh Kalyanam, Kevin Ellet, Sudhakar Pamidighantam, Kathryn Traxler and Amy Cannon


“Unidata: A Cloud-based Science Gateway for the Atmospheric Sciences”
by Mohan Ramamurthy and Julien Chastang


“Applying User Experience (UX) Design to Improve Data Sharing Platforms”
by Liza Brazil and Jerad Bales


“JSSSE: An Extensible and Configurable Molecular Structure Editor for Scientific Gateways”
by Nayman Leung, Joseph Curtis and Emre Brookes


“Abaco Dashboard Application Calling from the API”
by Kedarius Whitley


“Unmasking Technology Skills Divide (TSD) as an Emerging Digital Divide Within the ICT Framework”
by Uriel Uzochukwu Onye and Hammad Rauf Khan


“Open OnDemand:  Access Clusters, Gateways and Interactive Apps”
by David Hudak, Douglas Johnson, Eric Franz, Alan Chalker, Troy Baer, Trey Dockendorf and Katharine Cahill


“Methods used to develop student talent in Science Gateway Technology: A Research Experience for Undergraduates Student Perspective”
by Thomas Johnson, Dr. Linda Hayden, Ritu Arora and Rosalia Gomez


“Message broker system enabling Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI)’s data gateway”
by Ivan Rodero, Choonhan Youn and Manish Parashar


“Spin: A Docker-based Platform for Deploying Science Gateways at NERSC”
by Cory Snavely, Stefan Lasiewski and Annette Greiner


“Numerical Experiments in the French Laundry Machine”
by Houssem Kasbaoui and Fabrizio Bisetti


“3DEM.org for 3D Electron Microscopy Analysis of Synapses at Enhanced Resolutions”
by James Carson, Tracy Brown, Joe Stubbs, John Mendenhall, Tom Bartol, Bob Kuc, Masaaki Kuwajima, Anna-Maria Escherich, Terry Sejnowski and Kristen Harris


“TAMU HPRC OOD - Our Experience with Open OnDemand”
by Ping Luo and Donald McMullen


“The IS-GEO Gateway: A community portal to facilitate AI and knowledge centered earth discoveries”
by Jo Martin, Daniel Hardesty Lewis, Natalie Freed and Suzanne Piercefpos