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There are many reasons to attend the Gateways 2019 conference, and we're glad you'd like to join us.

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Why attend?

Here are some comments from prior attendees...

"The time spent there listening to presentations and talking to people was so valuable for me (and also so much fun!).  I returned with lots of connections and possible interactions — nothing could be more vital for our work…The whole atmosphere was one of finding out what others are doing and telling them what we are doing — I'm not sure what it was about your conference, but it was very magical in that way!”
Ann Christine Catlin, Gateways 2018

"Attending Gateways 2017 was on the top of my list for this year and the event was even better than I envisioned. It was great to see a welcoming community of like-minded people to learn about interesting projects, share thoughts, and make plans for the future. The organization of the event was one of the best I've ever attended; every aspect of the program was planned in a thoughtful way and should be used as a template for other similar-sized events.”
Enis Afgan,
Gateways 2017