Logistics Information for Poster Presenters

The Reception and Poster Session will be on Tuesday, September 24 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm in the Kon Tiki Room and Foyer of the Catamaran Resort. Details about the reception can be found on the Evening Events page.

Note to Poster Presenters: The Poster Session is open to all who submitted an abstract by September 3. A final PDF file of your poster should be uploaded to the OSF Proceedings ideally by Monday, September 9. Follow these instructions. You are responsible for printing your own poster.

Poster presenters may set up their posters at any time on Tuesday, September 24 and can leave them on display until Wednesday. There will be binder clips and tape for hanging the posters from the display frames. Poster locations will be numbered and a map will help you find your location.


“Online Learning Communities to Change Attitudes toward Science & Technology”
by Anu Gokhale


“Connecting Data in Need to Data Expertise: DataAtRisk.org”
by Stephen Diggs, Natalie Meyers, Denise Hills, Reid Boehm, Joan Saez, Ruth Duerr, Katherine Mika, Sophie Hou, and Megan Potterbusch


“The Digital Object Architecture and Enhanced Robust Persistent Identification of Data”
by Rob Quick, Larry Lannom, Marina Krenz, and Yu Luo


“Understanding how Users Navigate a Gateway to Resources for Biomolecular Education”
by Andrea Dumalagan, Robert Lowe, John Westbrook, Christine Zardecki, and Stephen Burley


“RCSB PDB: Enabling Breakthroughs in Scientific and Biomedical Research and Education”
by Andrea Dumalagan, Robert Lowe, John Westbrook, Jasmine Young, Christine Zardecki and Stephen Burley


“An investigation into the Coral Reef Information System User Base”
by Zachary Mason


“Cloud-Enabled Research Tools for Computational Natural Hazards Engineering”
by Wael Elhaddad


“ESS-DIVE: A Scalable Community Repository for Managing Earth and Environmental Science Data”
by Valerie Hendrix, Cory Snavely, and Shreyas Cholia


“BASIN-3D: Reducing the data processing burden for earth scientists”
by Valerie C. Hendrix, Danielle S. Christianson, Susan S. Hubbard, Deborah A. Agarwal, and Charuleka Varadharajan


“OpenStack OnDemand”
by Michaud Reyna


“An Interactive Road Map for Deciding on a Science Gateway”
by Jeff Sale and Eroma Abeysinghe


“A JupyterHub for Atmospheric Science Research and Education on the Unidata Science Gateway”
by Julien Chastang


“Trusted CI, the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence”
by Mark Krenz, Andrew Adams and Ishan Abhinit


“Labs Workbench: A Scalable Platform for Research Data Access, Education, and Training”
by Craig Willis, Michael Lambert, Rajesh Kalyanam, Kevin Coakley, Kenton McHenry, and Christine Kirkpatrick


“Whole Tale: A Platform for Reproducible Research”
by Kyle Chard, Niall Gaffney, Matthew B. Jones, Kacper Kowalik, Bertram Ludäscher, Timothy McPhillips, Jarek Nabrzyski, Victoria Stodden, Ian Taylor, Matthew J. Turk, Craig Willis, Mihael Hategan, Thomas Thelen, and Michael Lambert


“SeedMeLab: Research data service”
by Amit Chourasia, David Nadeau and Michael Norman


“Fishing for Graduate Students: Convincing Graduate Students to Share their Data”
by Sandi Caldrone


“Creation of Jupyter Notebooks for Science Tutorials”
by Alisha Chakraborty, Joshua Bay, Shayda Moezzi, Ryan Wei, and Mary Thomas


“GeoEDF: An Extensible Geospatial Data Framework for FAIR Science”
by Rajesh Kalyanam, Lan Zhao, and X. Carol Song


“Malware Analysis Gateway (MAG)”
by Christopher Lanclos


“Climate Data Access: Re-thinking our Data Analysis Workflows”
by Christian Page, Maarten Plieger, Wim Som De Cerff, Ernst de Vreede, Niels Drost, Iraklis Angelos Klampanos, Vangelis Karkaletsis, Malcolm Atkinson, and Xavier Pivan


“Leveraging MyGeoHub Gateway for Cyber Training and Workforce Development”
by Lan Zhao, X. Carol Song, Rajesh Kalyanam, Venkatesh Merwade, Matthew Huber, Larry Biehl, Christopher Thompson, Rob Campbell, and Carolyn Ellis


“PARNMR: A GenApp-Generated Science Gateway for Comprehensive Analysis of Paramagnetic Effects in Biomolecular NMR Data”
by Andy Guan, Matthew Casertano, Cheol Jeong, Emre Brookes, and David Fushman


“MultiSAXSHub: A GenApp-Generated Science Gateway for Unified Computational SAXS Modeling Tool”
by Cheol Jeong, Patrice Vachette, and Emre Brookes


“Creating a Novel Database for Analysis of Flavoproteins”
by Emily Roberts, Bruce Palfey, Takana Tubo, Catherine Zhu, and Ethan Parr


“GenApp Style and Layout Enhancements”
by Marcus Christie, Marlo Owczarzak, Yu-Shen Ho,Paul Parsons, Susan Krueger, Joseph Curtis, and Emre Brookes


“Predicting Florida RIP Currents via Data Imaging Analytics Techniques”
by Hongmei Chi and Rateema Etienne


“Framework for Harmonizing Heterogeneous IoT Forensics Data”
by Hongmei Chi and Temilola Aderibigbe