Information for Poster Presenters

The Poster Showcase is open to all registered participants of Gateways 2020. At this online event, each poster gets its own Zoom room for a live discussion with other attendees!

You can also view these posters in the 
Gateways 2020 Proceedings
on OSF Meetings

This event will be on Monday, October 19.

  • Eastern: 4:00pm to 5:00pm ET
  • Central: 3:00pm to 4:00pm CT
  • Mountain: 2:00pm to 3:00pm MT
  • Pacific: 1:00pm to 2:00pm PT

This will be a live, interactive session in which conference participants may browse through PDFs of the posters and talk with the poster presenters in individual Zoom meeting rooms for each poster.

Posters may also be viewed throughout the conference, and we encourage participants to schedule time to visit and chat with poster presenters during breaks or after the daily program.

Note that some poster presenters are unavailable at the time of the "official" Poster Showcase event, and they have listed in the Index of Posters (displayed in the Showcase Hub) some alternate times when they can be there to talk about their posters.

How the Poster Showcase Works (in brief)

On October 19, join the "Poster Showcase" event in QiqoChat. We'll have a short introduction to how the session will work in the "Showcase Hub." In the Showcase Hub "room" (where you'll arrive when you join), the posters and their numbers will be listed with the presenter name, title, and brief abstract, much as they are below. Scroll down the left sidebar to find your poster "room." Click the button for that room to join your poster display, then click the orange  "Join Zoom for Poster _" button at the top left of the screen. 

Others will come to visit your poster. We will encourage people to visit multiple posters by sending a notification (with an audible bell) to all the poster rooms every 10 minutes. 

Note (again) that some poster presenters are unavailable at the time of the "official" Poster Showcase event, and they have listed in the Index of Posters (displayed in the Showcase Hub) some alternate times when they can be there to talk about their posters.


Order Poster
1 "From Zero to Science-as-a-Service with the Agave Platform, Helm, and Kubernetes" by Rion Dooley and Steven Brandt
2 "Towards building a Fault Tolerant and Secure Open Science Chain" by Manu Shantharam, Scott Sakai, Kai Lin and Subhashini Sivagnanam
3 "Cyberinfrastructure Center of Excellence Pilot (CI CoE)" by Wendy Whitcup
4 "Pegasus WMS 5.0: Improved Workflow API for Gateway Applications" by Mats Rynge, Karan Vahi, Ryan Tanaka, Ewa Deelman, Rajiv Mayani, Rafael Ferreira da Silva, George Papadimitriou, Tu Mai Anh Do and Wendy Whitcup
5 "Applying containerization to support automation in the 'Ike Wai Gateway" by Michael Dodge II, Sean Cleveland and Gwen Jacobs
6 "Developing TapisNG" by John Yap, Sean Cleveland and Gwen Jacobs
7 "SGCI 2020 SIMIODE Research Fellowship Poster" by Anthony Stefan and William Clark
8 "Cloud HPC with Open OnDemand and Cloudy Cluster" by Jeff Ohrstrom and Alan Chalker
9 "Neuroscience Gateway – Providing Computational and Experimental Neuroscientists Access to Neuroscience Software for Modeling and Data Processing on HPC and HTC Resources" by Subhashini Sivagnanam, Kenneth Yoshimoto, Martin Kandes, Steven Yeu, Ted Carnevale and Amit Majumdar
10 "MATLAB Tools for Science Gateways" by Pradeep Ramamoorthy and Lisa Kempler
11 "Synchronizing Environmental Data Between Local Systems and the HydroShare Repository" by Soumya Purohit and Anthony Castronova ​
12 "SeedMeLab: Data Management System" by Amit Chourasia, David Nadeau and Mike Norman
13 "Designing Machine Learning Workflows for SciServer" by Brian Broll, Kyle Moore, Umesh Timalsina, Gerard Lemson and Tamas Budavari
14 "Advancing the Data Management Training Clearinghouse to a Research Data Skills Gateway with the help of SGCI UI Consulting" by Nancy Hoebelheinrich and Karl Benedict
15 "Building the Twenty-First Century Citizen Science Gateway to Enable Scientific Discovery Across Disciplines" by Lucy Fortson, Laura Trouille, Greg Newman, Subha Sivagnanam, Sarah Benson-Amram, Craig Packer, Daniel Boley, Chris Lintott and Lucy Collinson
16 "From Data Discovery to Research Workflows in EarthCube: Linking Catalog and Workbench Tools" by Ilya Zaslavsky, Ouida Meier, Stephen Richard, David Valentine, Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Karen Stocks and Gary Hudman
17 "Quantifying word complexity – and understandability – to help communicate biomedical science in plain language" by Matthew Artuso, Jainil Shah, Choonhan Youn, Daniel Gomez, Anna Yannakopoulos, Nathaniel Hawkins, John Zubek and Arjun Krishnan
18 "Issuing DOIs for The Brain Image Library" by Luke Tuite, Ivan Cao-Berg, Greg Hood, Alex Ropelewski and Derek Simmel
19 "Mizzou Cyber Range: Educational Gateway for Cyber Defense Principles and Practices" by Songie Wang, Komal Vekaria, Varsha Vakkavanthula, Matthew Rockey and Prasad Calyam
20 "SES: A GenApp-Generated Science Gateway for Determining Structural Ensembles of Biomacromolecules from Experimental Data" by Matthew Casertano, Cheol Jeong, Emre Brookes and David Fushman
21 "The Search Interface of Neo4j Database" by Hang Jin
22 "Using The Flavoprotein Database to Analyze Aggregated Biochemical Data" by Emily Roberts, Bruce Palfey and Joshua Li
23 "Accessibility Compliance and Assessments for Gateway Websites in Life Sciences: Toward Inclusive Design" by Shari Thurow, Noreen Whysel and Bev Corwin