All registered attendees are welcome to submit a poster!

The Poster Showcase is open to all registered participants of Gateways 2020. We invite participants to prepare a poster to share their projects, lessons learned, and future plans with colleagues at the event. At previous conferences, this event has been an excellent way to connect with and learn from each other. At this online event, each poster gets its own Zoom room for live discussion with other attendees!

This event will be on Monday, October 19.

  • Eastern: 4:00pm to 5:00pm ET
  • Central: 3:00pm to 4:00pm CT
  • Mountain: 2:00pm to 3:00pm MT
  • Pacific: 1:00pm to 2:00pm PT

This will be a live, interactive session in which conference participants may browse through PDFs of the posters and talk with the poster presenters in individual Zoom meeting rooms for each poster.

Posters may also be viewed throughout the conference, and we encourage participants to schedule time to visit and chat with poster presenters during breaks or after the daily program.

How to Submit and Display Your Poster

Deadlines have been combined and extended!

Posters are not peer-reviewed. To present in the Poster showcase, a conference participant should submit the following items by Monday, October 5 (extended!):

  • short abstract, including title and authors to EasyChair. 
  • A final PDF file of your poster to the OSF Proceedings. 
  • Display information (through a Google form). A short video presentation about your poster is entirely optional, and the URL for such a video would be included in this form.

Remember to register for the conference by Monday, October 5, too! You must register to present.

Posters that are not uploaded by the October 5 deadline will be removed from the program. Because posters will not be reviewed for acceptance, you will not receive an email confirming that your poster is accepted (all are accepted!), but we will send details about presenting your poster as we near the conference dates.

By submitting and uploading your poster, you grant the Gateways 2020 conference the permission to receive, display, and archive any files submitted for use during the Poster Showcase.

Step 1: Prepare your poster abstract, PDF, and any other presentation materials you wish to include.

Determine your poster's title, authors, and compose a 250–500 word abstract (shorter is better) because you will submit this to EasyChair. 

You will submit your poster as a PDF, but it can be created in an easy program like PowerPoint and then saved as a PDF. Remember that your poster will be displayed on a computer screen, not on a large bulletin board. Your poster can be in landscape or portrait format, but keep the headings readable without zooming in, much as you would for someone standing a few feet from a printed poster. Remember also to include an email or website so others can contact you. See Gateways 2019 Proceedings for examples of poster PDFs.

In addition, you have the option of creating a short video (3-5 minutes) explaining your poster. For information on how to record a video, see our links and advice on the Information for Presenters page. After recording your video, upload it to the platform of your choice, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Loom. Next, you will need to provide a specific URL for embedding the video, depending on the platform. Here’s how:

  • YouTube: Click “Share” on the page on YouTube with your video and then “Embed”. Copy the embed code and look for the link that will be in this format:
  • Vimeo: On the Vimeo page with your video, click the “Share” button and copy the “Embed” code. From that code, grab the first URL after the “<iframe src=” text. It should look something like this:
  • Loom: Be sure to use the “Embed URL” which has this format:
Save this URL for Step 4, when you will share this link with us.

Step 2: Submit the title, authors, and abstract to EasyChair by Monday, October 5.

You should first submit your basic poster info in EasyChair. Submit a title, all authors, and a 250–500 word abstract so that the poster session organizers have your basic information: You do not need to upload a file.

If you have already submitted a different kind of presentation, be aware that the interface for submitting something new might be confusing. You will login and click on the “Gateways 2020” link associated with whatever submission you have already created. Next, click on the role of “Author,” then under “My submissions” the menu changes and you should see “New Submission” as an option.

Step 3: Upload the poster PDF to the Proceedings portal by Monday, October 5.

Your next step is uploading a PDF of your completed poster to our Proceedings portal (after which you will share this link with us, too).

Go to the Proceedings portal and click "Add your poster or talk." Follow OSF's instructions for uploading. If you need to revise your upload, you can update it by accessing your OSF account. When you upload your file, you should receive an email about claiming your account and creating a password on the OSF system. The subject line may be something like "Project created on OSF" sent by You can use that account to update the file if necessary.

To capture the link that we need to display your poster, go to the page that shows your submission details (which has a URL like this then view your poster by clicking on the PDF link in the “Files” section. You should see your PDF displayed in a viewing frame. Click the “Share” button at the upper right, and then copy the long Share URL that is displayed (which begins something like: “”).

Step 4: Share the poster's URL and other display information by Monday, October 5.

Fill out this Google Form, which includes the following display information:

  • Poster title
  • Presenter’s name
  • Contact email
  • Additional presenters (if any)
  • Abstract (as submitted through EasyChair) 
  • EasyChair submission number
  • Confirmation of when you will be at your poster to speak with visitors. We recommend that you be there during the Poster Showcase on Monday, October 19, but you can offer additional times (during breaks, for example, or at the end of the daily program) that you would be available to speak with other participants.
  • Link to the poster PDF on OSF Meetings (described in Step 3).
  • (Optional) Link to your video that is no longer than 5 minutes, explaining your poster to visitors who might stop by when you are not there. (See instructions above in Step 2.)

** IMPORTANT ** If you do not fill out this form by October 5, you will be considered as a no-show and removed from the program.

Be sure to register for the conference by October 5!

Visit our registration page for more information.

We will only include posters in the Poster Showcase if: 

  1. the Google Form above has been filled out by October 5 and includes the link to the PDF file on the OSF Meetings Proceedings website, and
  2. the named presenter has registered for the conference by the October 5 deadline.

After October 5, we will follow up with instructions here and by email as to how the Poster Showcase will run on October 19. Thank you for sharing your poster!

If any of this is confusing to you, please contact us with questions at We want to make sure this is clear and easy to follow!