Presenting a tutorial, workshop, paper, demo, or panel? Here's what to do.

  1. Let us know who will present at the conference by July 24.
  2. Submit your final version(s) by Friday, October 2.
  3. Check our guidelines for presenting.
  4. Upload a PDF of your final slides no later than Friday, November 6.

Did we forget something? 

Please email us at, and we'll happily clarify for you and update this page!

Presenting a poster?

Details will be posted on a special poster session page, once we have more details resolved.

1. Let Us Know Who Will Present at the Conference

Presenters of papers and demos: Please fill out the Google Form "Logistics for Gateway Presenters" by Friday, July 24. The purpose of this form is to 

  1. Avoid (as best as possible) time slots that will greatly inconvenience presenters who might be working from home, teaching, juggling childcare, etc.
  2. Make sure we don't double-book presenters in two presentations at the same time.
  3. Know if we might need to support (or provide an audience for) authors who would like to prerecord their presentation, due to potential Internet instability.

If you have a change of presenters, the form can be updated. If a co-author does not plan to present but would like to be part of the live Q&A portion of the session, that person should also fill out the form by the deadline, too.

It is a requirement that at least one author of each accepted submission attend the conference and register by Wednesday, September 14, 2020.

2. Submit Your Final Version(s)

By Friday, October 2, accepted papers must be uploaded to OSF Meetings, where they will be displayed as part of the Gateways 2020 Proceedings. Slides can also be added to your entry after the conference. (You have two weeks to add the slides.) Note that accepted Short Papers will also be invited to submit an extended version of the paper to a special issue on science gateways, Details about the special issue will be sent directly by the special issue editor(s) after the conference.

Demos, tutorials, and workshops have the option of uploading if they wish; we encourage you to do so!

Step 1: Before uploading, prepare your “camera-ready” version.

  • Be sure you have used the IEEE manuscript template we requested.

  • Make any corrections or address other edits recommended by the reviewers. LENGTH LIMIT FOR REVISIONS: You are welcome to increase the length of your paper up to a total of 5 pages to accommodate reviewer comments; however, you are not required to do so.

  • At the bottom of the first page in the footer (where the IEEE template indicates a bunch of Xs and copyright), please add the following:

Presented at Gateways 2020, Online, USA, October 12–23, 2020.

  • Save your file as a PDF, including the name of the lead author(s) and “Gateways 2020” in the file name. If necessary, add another title-related word to the file name to disambiguate from any other papers you are uploading.

Step 2: To upload — Friday, October 2 deadline

  • Go to and click "Add your poster or talk."

  • Follow OSF's instructions for uploading your document. If you need to revise your upload, you can update it by accessing your OSF account. When you upload your file, you should receive an email about claiming your account and creating a password on the OSF system. The subject line may be something like "Project created on OSF" sent by You can use that account to update the file and add slides later.

3. Check Our Guidelines for Presenting

More details about the presentation format and logistics will be available here in early August.

General Recommendations 

This conference will be a multidisciplinary event, bringing together researchers and educators who are seeking technologies and solutions that can be applied to their specific situations. As a result, someone from a very different field may find your work to be translatable to their own project. To aid in knowledge sharing and transfer, here is some advice that came up regularly in reviews and we believe is applicable to all presentations.

  • Consider how the content of your presentation may be generalized or made useful to people outside your discipline.
  • Place your work in a bigger context; for example, how does your approach differ or learn from that used by other science gateways?
  • Identify a few “lessons learned” that would be helpful for others following in your footsteps.
  • What resources or advice can you offer that others can take home from the conference?

Wondering what size/resolution slide to use? Anything goes when you're sharing your screen! We will be recording for future posterity, so bear in mind that Zoom places your camera video in the upper right corner of the slide. You may want to keep that corner relatively empty and/or use a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio to give you more room for your slide content. 

Setup of Conference 

Tutorials/Workshops (October 12–16)

Tutorials/workshops will be offered from 1:00pm to 4:30pm Eastern/10:00am to 1:30pm Pacific each day this week. They will be scheduled in two 90-minute blocks with a 30-minute break in the middle.

Main Conference (October 19–23)

The conference will begin each day at 1:00pm Eastern/10:00am Pacific. We will provide more details about presentation format

4. Upload Your Final Slides

To make sure that all slides and videos are posted not too long after the conference ends, we request that presenters upload a PDF of their final slides to the Gateways 2020 proceedings portal by Friday, November 6. Of course you are welcome to upload these sooner, but we request that you upload them no later than two weeks after the conference ends.

When you uploaded your final version of your submission, you created an OSF account with a password, and through that account you can add or edit files. If you did not claim that account when you did your first upload, look for an email with a subject line something like "Project created on OSF" sent by You are also welcome to upload other supplemental files such as handouts.