If you don't see your question answered here, contact us at help@sciencegateways.org

Also check out our Quick Start Guide for using QiqoChat.

Check out our general list of FAQs, too.

About the conference platform

  • How is this online conference going to work? What technology will I need to use or install? 

  • The entire conference is operated through a web-based event system called QiqoChat (pronounced “KEE-koh-chat”). Inside QiqoChat are the meeting spaces, which include features like document and media sharing, chat, and the ability to move from “room” to “room.” Each “room” has an associated, password-protected Zoom meeting, so you should have the Zoom app installed if you don’t already.

    The online schedule is managed at https://gateways2020.sched.com. Creating a Sched account is optional and for your convenience. You can mark your session choices in Sched, and it will email you each day with your choices. Note that selecting a tutorial in Sched does not guarantee a spot. Some tutorials have a capacity limit, so they must be selected when you register for the conference.

Creating an account for QiqoChat

  • How do I create my account for the conference?

  • Go to https://gateways2020.qiqochat.com/. Use the same email you used to register for the conference. After you click the link in the confirmation email, you can join the conference. Be sure to stop by the Welcome/Help Desk to check in first (allow 30 before your first session, just in case.) When you are ready to attend a conference session, go to https://gateways2020.qiqochat.com/ and click the title of the session you wish to join. At the presentation time, click the “Join Zoom” link in the upper left corner..

  • Do I have to make a QiqoChat account? 

  • Yes, because your account is like a name badge. We encourage you to make your Username the same as your real name. Plus, fill out your profile so that other participants can learn about you. Another bonus is that you can list what you have to offer and how you’d like help, which will help others find you.


  • I can't login! I can't connect to Zoom! What do I do?

  • First of all, if you can get Zoom to work but not QiqoChat, come to the Welcome/Help Desk directly through Zoom using this Zoom link and we'll help you with your problem.

    If you can't even get Zoom on your computer to work, phone us! The best bet is to phone Zoom. Enter Meeting ID 858 1833 1992 and Passcode 6384. You'll pop into the Help Desk room, and we can help you from there.

    If it is earlier than the start of the Welcome/Help Desk hours (12 noon Eastern Time), you can phone +1-734-224-2031. This is a Google Voice number that calls several staff members (so try not to call earlier than 11am Eastern Time/8am Pacific Time!).