Hackathon FAQ

What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is a social coding event where programmers, designers, and developers collaborate to solve a problem and compete for cash prizes. It’s one part party, one part work-your-butt-off overnight battle against the clock and the competition.

How to participate
Details coming soon!

Why would someone participate in a hackathon?
People participate in hackathons for lots of reason: the challenge, the creative outlet, the community collaboration, the networking, the swag…

Who is this event for?
This event is open to both participants and spectators from the community who want to cheer them on and see what the hackathon is all about.

Who can participate? Are there any prerequisites or required skills?
Anyone is welcome to participate in this event. While experience coding and programming is a huge plus, teams will also need people with strong presentation skills and brilliant ideas.

Will there be training?
You are encouraged to participate in the Hackathon Training Webinars. Topics, dates, and times will be announced at a later date. 

Is there anything that I need to prep?
Other than finding fellow brilliant minds with complementary skills to team up with, there is nothing that you need to prepare in advance.

How much does it cost?
FREE. Free for spectators. Free for participants.

Where can I find directions to the building?
This year’s hackathon is part of the PEARC19 Student Program. The PEARC19 conference and the Hackathon will be held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Do I have to stay the whole time?
While Spectators can plan to just come for the competition and/or judging, Participants must stay overnight to be eligible to win.

Will there be prizes?
You bet!

Will there be food?

How will teams be judged?
This year’s judging process will be based on several factors including

  • Viability / Usefulness
  • Creativity of execution / Wow-effect
  • Technical complexity
  • Collaboration
  • Presentation

Who will be judging?
The judge panel composition will be announced closer to the date of the hackathon.

Can I sign up to be a mentor or a judge?
You sure can! More information about these roles and the application are on the Hackathon page

Where do I sign up?
Registration will be available soon!