The Young Professionals Network brings together students and early-career gateway creators to learn from experienced gateway mentors and professionals.

Supporting the education and development of newcomers to the world of science gateways

The SGCI Young Professionals Network is a community for those just starting out as well as experienced researchers and educators who are beginning to use Science Gateways. Supporters of the Young Professionals Network serve as mentors, workforce development committee members, and hosts for Young Professionals activities. Please fill in the Young Professionals Network Application and email it to

SGCI Young Professionals SPOTLIGHT

Shining the spotlight on the current and next generation of science gateway users and developers. This website feature highlights young professionals and their work experiences, training, academic interests, hobbies, and vision.

SGCI Young Professional of the Year Award

Acknowledging young professionals for notable achievement in the advancement of science gateways. The award includes a certificate plus an honorarium and website highlight. 

The 2017 YP of the Years were selected and recognized at the Gateways 2017 conference. The application form for next YPs of the Year will be available in fall of 2018. We will make the announcement in our monthly newsletter. Sign up to stay updated!

Young Professional Liaison to the SGCI Workforce Development Committee

Have a voice in developing strategies for career growth and professional success.

Networking Opportunities through Virtual Seminars

Provides an opportunity to meet with gateway experts and other young professionals to expand your network. Focused on encouraging career growth, sharing accomplishments, and learning from others. Discover what young professionals can expect as they embark on their careers.

Support for Professional Editing for Your Technical Publications

Designed to assist you in producing publications that are in a style that is polished and ready for submission. Read more about how we provide support for professional editing for your technical publications.

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