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The SGCI serves the science gateway community.

We provide NSF-funded, online and in-person resources and services. Our goal is to facilitate—at little or no cost—the sharing of experiences, technologies, and practices of those working with science gateways. Read success stories about how we've supported gateway development and our community of gateway creators, users, and students.


What is a Gateway? What is a Gateway?

Science gateways allow science & engineering communities to access shared data, software, computing services, instruments, educational materials, and other resources specific to their disciplines. Read more on Wikipedia.


Upcoming: March 13, 2019

SGCI Webinar Series

SGCI hosts a free webinar series on the second Wednesday of each month at 1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific time. 

Every gateway has competition: Identifying, differentiating from, and working with competitors

Every product, service, or project has competitors, but how do you identify them? Do you need to worry about competitors or maybe collaborate with them? During this session, we will first identify your audience so that you can consider your competitors from their perspective. We will then talk about how to identify competitors and find your differentiators. We will also discuss how to consider collaboration and the benefits of working with your competitors.

Video and slides from previous webinars are available in our webinar archive.



Summer Programs for Students: Apply Now for Coding Institute, Internship, or to Host an Intern

Apply now for 2019 summer programs for students! We are offering a 4-week Coding Institute for undergraduate students and 8-week internships for students interested in developing their gateway development skills. Organizations interested in hosting an intern to do gateway-related development are invited to submit an application to request an intern. Both student and host applications are due April 26, 2019. 


Other News + Events


Science Node Article "Hawai'i H20" Features SGCI Client 'Ike Wai

The ‘Ike Wai gateway, which is a platform dedicated to ensuring Hawai’i’s water security through research, education, and community engagement, has been featured in an article by Science Node. The interview with Sean Cleveland featured in the article took place at the Gateways 2018 conference in Austin, TX. ‘Ike Wai is an SGCI client, and project team members were participants in the May 2018 Science Gateways Bootcamp.

Summer Meeting for the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)>More


SGCI congratulates Bootcamp alumni on their recent $4.5 million NSF award

Two Science Gateways Bootcamp alumni from different cohorts have teamed up with three other co-PIs to form the GeoEDF project. GeoEDF will be built as a "plug and play" platform that will give researchers the ability to easily access and process geospatial data