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SGCI Storybook: Connecting People, Creating Solutions, Accelerating Discovery

For over five years, SGCI has worked with the gateways community to improve access to essential resources and services. Our community members have blazed paths to sustainability by participating in our training opportunities, they have gained access to new technologies by receiving consulting services, they have grown their networks by attending our workshops and conferences, and so much more.

We have helped more than 200 gateways reach their goals so, we thought, why not collect all the great feedback into a storybook that could illustrate the many ways that the community has benefited from our existence? Behold, the SGCI Storybook! We envision the storybook as a living document that we will continue to add to as we complete client interviews.

In this collection, we have compiled synopses of individual gateway clients and how their engagements with SGCI contributed to their success. We also share the experiences of some of our interns. We've made the book friendly for perusing, or you can browse by broad disciplinary sections.

View and/or download the SGCI Storybook here