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Collaborators Program

We build long-term strategic collaborations with a variety of organizations and projects to benefit the Science Gateways community.

Some objectives of our Collaborators Program are to:

  • Leverage the expertise of complementary organizations to support and advise the gateway community in the best possible way.
  • Exchange existing services to provide the best array of services to gateway clients.
  • Cross-promote resources and services offered by SGCI, SGX3, and our partners.
  • Provide a streamlined process to access resources and services provided by a partner.
  • As appropriate, provide student exchange or internship opportunities.


Interested organizations will collaboratively develop a Letter of Commitment that includes background information on the organization and a description of how the organization’s services/resources are augmented by involvement in SGCI and/or SGX3 as well as how it is anticipated that SGCI/SGX3 will benefit from the collaboration.

Apply to be a collaborator.


You can browse our current collaborators, which are listed below in four categories:

  • Funded Partners are those who have written SGCI into proposals or service agreements.
  • Partners are those who would like to be connected with us but provide no funding.
  • Affiliates are entities that are seeking opportunities for marketing and growing awareness of their products and offerings with the Science Gateways community.
  • Participants and those who are funded by NSF to provide services to SGCI or SGX3.

For more information on this program, contact, or apply to be a collaborator here.


Funded Partners

Click on the logos to learn more about the services they offer in partnership with SGCI.



  • Globus logo
  • Jetstream logo



  • BOINC logo



The following participating organizations are funded to provide services to SGCI.


  • Association of Computer Information Sciences and Engineering Departments at Minority Institutions (ADMI)

  • University of Notre Dame

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