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How to Cite SGX3/SGCI

Citing SGX3 and SGCI in your publications

All clients are also encouraged to cite the SGX3 and SGCI projects in publications that result from a consultation with us. 

  • SGX3 citation:
    • Gesing, S., Stirm, C., Zentner, M., Dahan, M., & Hayden, L. 2023. SGX3: Novel Concepts to Enhance Knowledge and Extend the Community Around Science Gateways. Science Gateways 2023 (SG23), Pittsburgh, PA.
  • SGCI citations:
    • Wilkins-Diehr, N., Zentner, M., Pierce, M., Dahan, M., Lawrence, K. A., Hayden, L., Mullinix, N. 2018. The Science Gateways Community Institute at Two Years. In Proceedings of the Practice and Experience on Advanced Research Computing (PEARC '18), ACM, New York, NY, Article 53.
    • Lawrence, K.A., Zentner, M., Wilkins‐Diehr, N., Wernert, J.A., Pierce, M., Marru, S. and Michael, S., 2015. Science gateways today and tomorrow: positive perspectives of nearly 5000 members of the research community. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 27(16), pp.4252-4268.

If you have any questions about citing us, please email