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Coding Institute

SGX3 Coding Institute

The SGX3 Coding Institute is focused on gateway development for undergraduate students at Elizabeth City State University. The workshop covers the core skills needed to be productive in the design and maintenance of science gateways. The program is presented as short tutorials alternated with practical exercises, and all instruction is done via live coding.

The next SGX3 Virtual Coding Institute will take place June 3-27, 2024


Apply here for the SGX3 Virtual Coding Institute
Apply by April 30, 2024


Training - June 3-13, 2024

  • Stipend $1000
  • Professional Development Workshops

    Instruction on HPC using Python

  • Intro to Scientific Computing & Computational Thinking
  • Pseudo coding on the SIR Model
  • Software Engineering Design
  • Containers -- Flask and Redis

Hackathon - June 17 - 27, 2024

  • Stipend $1000

Prior Institute:

2022 SGCI Coding Institute