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Faculty Hackathon 2024

Virtual, September 16 - 20, 2024

Here is your opportunity to develop your High Performance Computing skills and pass them on to your students!


Faculty Hackathon Repos


The FacultyHack@Gateway2024 will involve 10 Computer Science or science discipline area faculty.

Faculty teams will adapt High-Performance Computing (HPC) tools for use in their courses. They will leave with "ready-to-go" course outlines, supporting data, and identified resources. Each team will be assigned a technical mentor to help with this process. Teams completing all four (4) challenges receive a $1000 honorarium. 


  1. Attend all HPC training sessions
  2. Attend the  Gateways 2024 conference in Bozeman, MT (Travel support is provided)
  3. Make a poster presentation of revised courses  at Gateways 2024
  4. Produce a Blog Post on your SGX3 Curriculum project which will be uploaded to


  1. A completely revised course description with implementation schedule.
  2. Assignment of a Gateways community mentor to provide use cases, resources and next step suggestions.    
  3. Robust access to HPC resources for research and instruction. 
  4. Opportunities to collaborate with other HPC educators and technical personnel.
  5. Enhanced computer science courses with HPC content at the home institutions.


Submit your application here: FacultyHack@Gateways 2024
Deadline to apply is September 5, 2024. 

View past faculty hackathons at