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Gateways 2022 Posters

  1. Ayush Chaturvedi, Mayank Agrawal, Robert E Settlage, David Hudak and Alan Chalker.
    Leveraging Intuitive Gateways Through Open On-Demand for Genomics Pipeline
  2. Linda Hayden.
    MSI HPC/Gateway Curriculum Enhancement Track (poster series)
  3. Bobby Espinoza, Julien Chastang, Dennis Dye, Peter Romine and Jeff Weber.
    Democratizing Access to Atmospheric Modeling with WRF employing NSF Cloud Computing Resources
  4. Lawrence Miao, Adam Frederiksen, David Reddy, Bob Doran, Sarah Gunter, Melissa Nolan and Jun Zhou.
    Aedes: A Machine-learning-based Mosquito Egg Counting System
  5. Anuj Tiwari, Katelyn Plaisier Leisman, Abhilasha Shrestha, Rachel Poretsky, Sarah Owens, Sam Dorevitch, Mark Grippo, Aaron Packman, Sandra Gesing and Charlie Catlett.
    A Science Gateway for Wastewater-Based Epidemiology – A Case Study of the World’s Largest Wastewater Treatment Plant in Chicago
  6. Trevor Taylor, Veronica Melesse Vergara and Hongmei Chi.
    Privacy Preserving Models Leveraging Mobility Data via HPC
  7. Juan Verduzco, Daniel Mejia, Steven Clark and Alejandro Strachan.
    No-code machine learning workflows and data exploration: nanoHUB’s efforts on FAIR data
  8. Joshua Young.
    Lessons Learned on the Path to Sustainable Funding
  9. Jacob Goldverg, Elvis Rodrigues, Jamil Hasibul and Tevfik Kosar.
    Democratizing Access to Data with OneDataShare
  10. Ted Liefeld, Thorin Tabor, Forrest Kim, Michael Reich and Jill Mesirov.
    The GenePattern Gateway for Genomic Medicine - containerized cloud hybrid computing for biologists
  11. Minakshi Arya, Shubhavi Arya and Saatvik Arya.
    Engine for Malware Technology (EMT): An IoT-Data Smart Virtual Research Environment for High-Performance Computing for Innovation in Malware Detection Discovery using an Interactive, Attention-engaging Model and Machine Learning
  12. Julien Chastang, Nicole Corbin, Ethan Davis, Bobby Espinoza and Tanya Vance.
    Unidata Science Gateway Reimagined: Unifying Access to Educational and Research Resources
  13. Christian Pagé, Abel Aoun, Alessandro Spinuso, Lars Bärring, Klaus Zimmermann, Mats Veldhuizen and Ian van der Neut. Making Climate Data Actionable: Pre-Computed Climate Indices Provided in an Interactive Platform