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Webinar: Exploring the Galaxy application for data sciences

Exploring the Galaxy application for data sciences

February 8, 2024 

Presenters: Enis Afgan, Tyler Collins, Alex Ostrovsky | Johns Hopkins University

Abstract: The Galaxy project ( is a global community of scientists, trainers, and students that work with data intensive sciences. The Galaxy application allows users to analyze hundreds of types of data using thousands of popular tools. Software developers can also use it as a distribution platform for their tools and trainers can rely on the Galaxy Training Network as a source of exceptional educational materials. In this highly interactive seminar, we will explore some capabilities of the Galaxy application, guiding everyone through the process of transforming common data formats and building a shareable workflow. We will also work with the Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio from within Galaxy, demonstrating how custom operations can be performed. Participants will walk away with an understanding of key Galaxy capabilities, helping them evaluate if the platform is amendable for their daily work.