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Past Bootcamp Participant & Gateways 2018 Presenter David Ojika Featured in Intel Article

David Ojika, who participated in the May 2018 Science Gateways Bootcamp and also presented at the Gateways 2018 conference, has been featured in an Intel Developer Zone article. The article highlights the important work that Ojika is doing in establishing partnerships between industry and academia in applied AI. His goal of democratizing AI in science disciplines would mean making it more accessible to faculty and students across academic disciplines. 

The article discusses some other goals, current interests, his work as a mentor, and how his relationship with Intel, where he was a once an intern, then an Intel Student Ambassador, and now a part of the Intel Software Innovator program, has been a beneficial experience. Ojika also mentions his recent presentation at the Gateways 2018 conference. Read the full article from Intel to learn more about Ojjika's work. 

You can also read the "SCAIGATE: Science Gateway for Scientific Computing with Artificial Intelligence and Reconfigurable Architectures" paper that Ojika presented at Gateways 2018 in the figshare proceedings portal.