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Zooniverse Citizen Science Platform Available for COVID-19 Research

The Zooniverse citizen science platform could potentially be used as a tool by teams conducting research on COVID-19. The Zooniverse team is ready and eager to help and be useful in this difficult situation. currently hosts over 100 active projects drawing nearly 2 million volunteers worldwide to help analyze data across a wide range of disciplines including cell biology, ecology, text transcription, space science and more. A “DIY” Project Builder makes it easy for research teams to spin up a new project. Workflows can be built around common tasks such as decision trees, marking, drawing, annotations, or transcriptions for which consensus algorithms are available after data is downloaded by the research team. Zooniverse is also ideal for data labeling for the development of machine learning algorithms or for validating existing ML models.

If you have an idea for how to use crowdsourcing to help with your COVID-19 research, please email and the Zooniverse team will work with you to answer any questions.