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Webinar: SeedMeLab data platform for research groups and science gateways

January 13, 2021

Presented by Amit Chourasia, Project Director, SeedMeLab, San Diego Supercomputer Center

SeedMeLab is a cloud service for teams struggling with intractable data organization and data access that disrupts productivity, ensues email-attachment deluge, obscures discovery, and perpetuates poor knowledge retention. Unlike other file sharing services; SeedMeLab is an elegant approach that imparts balance to data organization and sharing with an ability to add context, discussion, and visualization while also establishing distinction for your data with branding. SeedMeLab core is also available as Open Source software with support options.

Webinar Slides

SeedMeLab Overview video

Demonstration Videos

Managing data on SeedMeLab

Managing data via REST client on SeedMeLab

Customizing SeedMeLab


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