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Webinar: The CIPRES Workbench Framework: A Platform for Creating Science Gateways

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Presented by Mark Miller, Principal Investigator, San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)

Part six of a series of webinars providing an introduction to a variety of gateway platforms that can be used for building new gateways.

The CIPRES Workbench Framework (CWF) is an open source software framework for creating new science gateways with minimal overhead. It can be deployed on a modest server and can be configured to submit command-line instructions to any resource where the application has submission privileges. It is designed to be highly configurable/customizable, and supports GUI-based access to HPC resources through a web-browser interface as well as programmatic access via a ReSTful API. The CWF was created to support HPC access for the Phylogenetics community, where it has supported 30,000 users over the past decade. It has since been used to create gateways that support Neurosciences (the NeuroScience Gateway) as well as Cryo-Electron microscopy (the COSMIC2 Gateway).

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