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Webinar: DataONE—Data Partner for Science Communities

April 10, 2019

DataONE—Data Partner for Science Communities

Presented by

  • Robert J. Sandusky, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Information Technology & Associate Professor, University Library, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Amber E. Budden, Ph.D., DataONE Co-PI and Director for Community Engagement & Outreach, Arctic Data Center Co-PI, Senior Research Fellow at the National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis
  • Karl Benedict, Ph.D., Director at Research Data Services, Associate Professor at College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences, University of New Mexico

DataONE federates more than 45 independent scientific data repositories from six continents providing access and discovery, preservation, data provenance, metadata quality services, data citations, data science training, and more. This webinar will provide an overview of existing capabilities and services currently in development to support a wide range of scientific communities and data formats.

DataONE was funded in 2009 by the National Science Foundation to provide solutions for long-term access and preservation of data generated by other projects and conduct a broad education and outreach campaign to transform scientific practice. DataONE is a global leader in research data infrastructure development, research, and education.

Webinar Slides

Resources mentioned during the webinar:

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